Reproductive Tract: From Ovary to Vent


From a practical perspective, knowing how the hen makes her eggs goes a long way toward recognizing and understanding problems that our hens may have someday with their reproductive system. When hens are just starting to lay eggs and when they are much older, hens can experience laying problems such as shell-less eggs, being egg bound and double yolkers. Therefore, the goal of this article is to cover the basic reproductive tract of a female chicken and link that to how table eggs (aka the eggs that we eat) and fertilized eggs (aka the eggs that eventually hatch into a

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The Marvelous Anatomy of Chickens: Nature’s Feathered Wonders


Written by ChatGPT and edited by Maurice Pitesky and Joseph Gendreau from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine-Cooperative Extension   ChatGPT Generative Term: Write a 1 and a half page lay article on the unique aspects of the anatomy of a chicken   The Saturday Night Live skit “Deep thoughts with Jack Handey”stated “Chickens are just like you and me except they are chickens.” As much as we loved Deep thoughts, Mr. Handey was probably not referring to their anatomical differences with homo sapiens. To that point, this article focuses on the anatomical differences between humans and chickens from

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