Preparing for Emergencies with Your Birds: Floods


California, especially Southern California, can be prone to devastating floods. In fact, every single one of California’s fifty-eight counties has experienced at least one huge flood event, especially recently with heavier rain seasons. If and when your area may unexpectedly flood, it’s crucial that you follow the steps below beforehand to ensure that you and your birds remain safe.   Understanding and Confirming When a Flood Happens   First, it’s important to understand potential disasters associated with where you live and stay up to date on all relevant information if a flood were to occur! The California Governor’s Office of

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Taking Care of Chickens in Cold Weather


The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway: Except for Chickens! A Guide to Keeping Your Flock Warm in Cold Weather Has the cold weather and almost freezing temperatures been getting you down? Well, just like us humans, it’s especially important for poultry (including chickens) to stay warm. If backyard chickens have to deal with prolonged cold, this can decrease their metabolism, reduce their egg production, and lead to increased sickness or even death. In this article, we’ll cover signs your chickens may be displaying in reaction to cold weather and ways to keep your feathered friends warm, so the cold doesn’t

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Your Feathered Friends and Antibiotics: Clucking for Caution


Written by ChatGPT and edited by Maurice Pitesky and Joseph Gendreau from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine-Cooperative Extension   ChatGPT Generative Term: Write a one and half page summary of how backyard chicken owners should use antibiotics responsibly in order to reduce antimicrobial resistance     Believe it or not, as a backyard chicken owner you play a significant role in the global effort to reduce antimicrobial resistance (AMR), a growing public health concern. As small-scale poultry keepers, it is essential to understand and practice responsible antibiotic use to protect the health of your chickens and the broader

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