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Looking for a Southern Californian veterinarian for your bird?
See our map below to find avian and poultry veterinarians in your area.

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House Call/ Mobile Options:

Dr. Jack Vet Services
Dr. Michelle Jack


Feathers and Fur Animal Hospital
Dr. Athena Gianopoulos


Mobile anywhere in San Diego County

Mobile Poultry Veterinary Services, Inc.
Dr. Theo Derksen


Serving Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernardino, and Riverside Counties

Veterinary House Call Services
Dr. Teresa E. Micco


Westlake Village Animal Hospital
Dr. Howard Martin



We do not endorse or recommend, or make any representations with respect to the services and providers listed on this map. We provide information that we hope is helpful and we encourage you to fully investigate the providers and professional services that are appropriate for your needs. 


If there’s a sudden death in your flock or an unusually high number of sick birds, it is critical that you report it to help limit the spread of disease. Call the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s sick bird hotline at (866) 922-2473.