High Egg Prices and the Eggonomics of Raising Laying Hens


What's up with the high cost of eggs? Egg prices are around 60% higher right now than 1 year ago. Reasons include the current HPAI outbreak that has led to the deaths of over 50 million chickens due to this virus, increased feed costs due volatile soy and corn prices, and even increased egg cartoon prices. This increase in egg prices has led many DIYers to think, "I can raise laying hens in my yard and save some money". This article is meant to give you some basic egg-onomics about backyard poultry and egg production.   Backyard Eggonomics If you

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Defending Your Pet Bird from Avian Influenza


Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) is a highly contagious disease that rapidly spreads from bird to bird. Not only does this disease affect domestic poultry, but also ducks, geese, parrots, quail, pheasants, pigeons, guinea fowl, and many other birds.   As you may know already, the United States has been hit hard with a widespread Avian Influenza epidemic this year, occurring from January 2022 to present day. Commercial and backyard flocks have been decimated across the country, and several wild bird populations have also taken a hit. The virus reached California this summer and has since spread into commercial poultry productions,

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Avian Influenza: What You Need To Know


Avian influenza is a dangerous infectious disease that can be spread easily and decimate huge communities of birds. Sometimes referred to as “bird flu”, avian influenza affects the respiratory system of birds and can transmit rapidly through direct bird-to-bird contact, or via contaminated surfaces (fomites) where the virus can linger. Infected birds can spread the virus through their blood, saliva, mucus, or feces. Certain subtypes of bird flu can even jump species and affect dogs, horses, and even humans depending on the strain of the virus. At the time of writing this article (April 2022), there is an ongoing outbreak

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