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Signs and Symptoms of Heat Stress in Chickens

Summer is a fun season of the year, filled with lots of outdoor time. It also means we will likely spend a lot of time trying to cool off! Just as we feel the effects of the hot weather, chickens are sensitive to the heat. Unlike us, they do not

CAHFS- Who They Are and What They Can Do For You 

The California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory System (CAHFS) is an animal diagnostic laboratory network that operates in partnership with the California Department of Food and Agriculture and UC Davis. The lab has four locations in California: Davis, San Bernardino, Tulare, and Turlock. CAHFS (pronounced “calves”) monitors the health

Protecting Your Poultry from Pests, Wild Birds, and Predators

Raising poultry is exciting, but it definitely takes some work to keep your birds safe while outside. You’ll want to protect your birds from hungry predators, pests and wild animals that can pass on diseases to your birds and to you!   Wild Birds  It’s important to keep your poultry

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