You’ve heard the phrase before: you are what you eat. This phrase also applies to birds. Healthy nutrition is essential to your bird’s growth, so read on to learn more about:
  • Nutrition for each phase of your bird’s life
  • Troubleshooting mineral deficiencies in birds
  • How nutrition can affect your bird’s mood
  • Enriching your bird’s diet with greens, grubs and grit


Poultry Nutrition through the Life Stages

Different types of poultry need different nutrients. A variety of diets should be fed based on the age, sex, and intended use of your birds.  These diets have varied amounts of water, protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals.  Each specific diet will help support basic body functions first and foremost, but can then be tailored to providing rapid growth for meat birds, consistent egg production in layers, and a full glossy plumage in show birds. If your poultry is not getting the nutrients that they need for meeting their full performance potential, your birds will grow slowly, lay fewer

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