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Kids & Chicks

Is there anything cuter than kids with chicks? Whether you are looking for information about caring for baby chickens or teaching children how to care for them, we can help! This section includes:
  • Building a brooder for your baby chicks
  • Teaching kids to care for our feathered friends
  • Life lessons learned by raising chickens


The Eggcellent Guide to Raising Chickens With Kids

Many people think of dogs as the ideal best friend. However, we would suggest that chickens also make great friends and wonderful additions to your family, especially if you have children. Whether you are already raising chickens with your children or considering getting them for the first time, it is important to remember that keeping them requires a lot of care and attention. Having chickens can be an exciting adventure and we have great tips to help, no matter where you are in your chicken-raising journey.  Pick child-friendly breeds Just as every child has a distinct personality, certain breeds

A Beginner’s DIY Guide To Raising Chicks In A Brooder

Creating a safe space for your baby chicks to grow is essential for their well-being, and a brooder is the perfect route to provide this safe space. But, first things first, what exactly is a brooder? It is an artificial warm enclosure that is meant to keep chicks from the ages of 0 to 8 weeks safe and healthy until they are sufficiently feathered. Never set up a brooder before? That’s not a problem! Go ahead and read on for more information about the ins and outs of how to create the perfect home for your chicks.   How

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