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Bird Selection

Selecting your new bird requires careful consideration. Start by deciding your plan for bird ownership. Do you want fresh eggs? Are you raising birds for meat? Or for the show ring?

There are several breed options and it may be a tad overwhelming to choose. Don’t wing it though! To help you make an informed choice, this section covers:

  • Factors to consider when choosing a breed
  • Best breeds for eggs
  • The history of poultry


The Chicken and the Egg: Which Breed to Buy, and Why

If you’ve started the process of procuring poultry and choosing chickens, you’ve probably found yourself in need of some background on breeds. After all, there are LOTS of different kinds of chickens out there, and not all of them are created equal! The type of bird that best suits your needs will be determined by considering the following factors:  Your local temperature,  The size of the space available for your chickens to use & the temperament you want your chickens to have,  The amount of time you have and the age you want to start with, Your unique preferences

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