ABA(abbreviation) American Bantam Association
AOSB(abbreviation) any other standard breed
APA(abbreviation) American Poultry Association
AAV(abbreviation) Association of Avian Veterinarians
As Hatcheddescription for an unsorted group of chicks
Bantaman ornamental variety of chicken that is smaller than the standard breed
Beddinga cushioning material (wood shavings, straw, or recycled paper) distributed around the coop floor and nest box to absorb moisture, manure, and odor (also known as litter)
Billing Outwhen poultry scoop feed out of the feeder and onto the floor with their beaks
Biosecurityrefers to everything that’s done to keep diseases and the pathogens that cause or carry them – viruses, bacteria, funguses, parasites and other microorganisms – away from birds, property, and people
Bloom the outermost invisible membrane covering an egg’s shell that protects its contents from bacteria, often removed before sale by washing or wiping
Booteddescriptor for chickens having feathers on the legs and toes
Broilera young chicken raised for meat and mature after 42-49 days, often four to five pounds (also known as a fryer or meat bird)
Brooda group of chicks
Broodingthe act of hens sitting on their fertilized or unfertilized eggs to incubate and hatch them
Candlethe act of examining the contents of an egg with a light to determine whether it is fertilized
Candlera light used to candle
Capona surgically castrated rooster
Chicka newly-hatched chicken (also known as a peep)
Chickena bird commonly raised by people for its eggs and meat (a hen or rooster)
Chicken Tractora moveable, floorless chicken coop used to move poultry around a pasture (also known as an ark)
Clean Leggedchicken descriptor for having no feathers on the legs or toes
Clubbed Downa condition when down feathers cannot emerge from the sheath and cause a coiled appearance
Clutcha group of eggs laid in consecutive days that are incubated by a hen
Cockerela young rooster
Combthe red, rubbery flesh or crest on top of gallinaceous birds (turkeys, pheasants, and domestic chickens) which may be used to determine an individual bird’s health
Coopa secure house for poultry
Complete Feeda nutritionally-balanced feed designed to maintain chicken health
Crested Breedchicken breeds with feathers on top of their heads (i.e. Polish or Sultan)
Cullto remove a bird from the flock
Cygneta baby swan
Downa layer of fine feathers found under tough exterior feathers
Droppings Traya removable collection unit placed under roosting poles for fecal droppings
Dual Purposea hen bred for both egg-laying and meat, typically good-natured and cold-hardy
Dubto surgically remove a bird's comb and wattles close to the head for aesthetic purposes
Dust Batha hole in the ground created by a chicken’s digging in which they dirty themselves as a defense against mites and lice
Dusting Powderan artificial dust bath solution created for indoor chickens
Feedera container designed to hold and deliver poultry feed
Fertilized Eggan egg resulting from the mating of hens and roosters that is capable of becoming a chick
Finishthe quantity of fat under the skin of a broiler
Flight Feathersthe large feathers found on the wing and tail
Fluffthe soft feathers on a chicken’s rear
Gandera male goose
Gobbleran adult male turkey (also known as a tom)
Goslinga baby goose
Gritsand or crushed rock which is eaten by chickens, stored in their crop, and used for food digestion
Hacklesfeathers found around a chicken’s neck
Hena female bird of any fowl species
Hovercanopy type brooding system where reflectors are arranged in a concave shape to prevent chicks from straying away from the heat source
Incubationthe 21 day process of hatching a fertilized egg by utilizing a constant heat source, frequent turning and humidity
Layera hen raised for the purpose of egg production
Layer Feeda feed designed specifically for laying hens
Littersee bedding
Moltingthe annual process of feather shedding and regrowth during which hens will not lay eggs
Mossydescriptor for indistinct, irregular, or messy-looking markings that break up an established pattern
Nest Boxa safe and secure box designed to encourage hen egg laying
Nest Eggan artificial egg put in a nest box to encourage the laying of eggs
Nest Runeggs packed at production facilities without being washed, sized, or candled (also known as ungraded)
Non-Settera chicken or breed variety that will not incubate its eggs or care for its chicks
NPIP(abbreviation) National Poultry Improvement Plan
Ornamental Breeda chicken bred for its appearance or show
Pastured Poultrya sustainable farming method wherein chickens forage on pasture
Pecking Orderthe constructed social hierarchy of a flock formed through individuals pecking others of a lower rank
Persistency Of Laythe ability of a hen to lay eggs over a consistent amount of time
Pipwhen a chick breaks through the shell in the process of hatching
Pin Feathersdeveloping bird feathers
Poulta baby turkey
Poultry ShowAPA-organized venues for poultry judging (chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, and others) in accordance with breed standards
Preeningwhen chickens self-groom and distribute oil from their glands to straighten and clean their feathers
Production Breeda variety of chicken bred specifically for its egg-laying capabilities
Pulleta young hen
Roasterchickens younger than 8 months raised for meat, weigh slightly more than boilers
Roosta pole or branch on which chickens will sleep (also known as a perch)
Roostera male chicken
Roosting Polea man-made pole constructed inside the coop to allow for the chickens to perch while sleeping
Rumplessa breed of chicken lacking tail feathers (i.e. Araucana)
Runan outdoor area, typically attached to the coop, where chickens have free roaming ability
Saddlefeathers found on the lower back of a chicken
Scratchan instinctual behavior wherein chickens dig with their claws to find food or grit in the soil
Settera chicken or breed variety that will incubate eggs and care for its chicks
Sexingthe sex determination process of a baby chick
Sex Linka chicken variety whose sex is indicated the color of their newly-hatched feathers
Shanksthe lower part of the leg of a chicken
Sicklesa rooster’s tail feathers
Spent Hena hen that no longer performs at peak egg production levels
Spura protrusion on a rooster's shanks, like an appendage, that can be used for fighting
Started Pulleta young hen between 15-22 weeks old that has already started laying eggs
Starter Feedfeed designed for 2-3 week old baby chicks
Straight Runan order of chicks that are received "as hatched" and are unsexed (have an unknown quantity of males and females)
Tin Hen(slang) incubator
Tuftsfeathers that protrude from a chicken’s face
Waterera container designed to hold and deliver water to chickens
Wattlesthe folded, red, rubbery flaps of skin found on a chicken's neck
Wheezer(slang) a chicken’s rear
Wormera medicinal treatment for intestinal worms